Ex-pat Construction, Real Estate and Property Maintenance across South Africa

Providing trusted services to Ex-pat Clients in their native language and currency.

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The Services we Provide

Ex-Pat Service: We provide Building and Construction services on the Garden Route for people who might not be familiar with the area who need trusted and honest advice.

We can work with you on your time zone, any currency and manage projects on your behalf if out of South Africa with regular progress reports.

Referenced Preferred Supplier List: We only work with professional and trusted contractors who have built up a referenced portfolio of work in the area. With clearly defined statements of works and up-front costings to provide reassurance and avoid any surprises.

Planned Maintenance & Emergency Break/Fix: We also offer a Planned Maintenance service throughout the year or immediate assistance if something goes wrong at your home.

Specialise in Ex-pat Clients

We know from experience it can be hard to undertake building works outside your home country. We have heard many stories from our Clients over the years of being get ripped-off by unscruplious tricksters.

We take all the risk and worry away, full transparency on material costs, only making payments as we go and making sure you are working with reputable contractors for a fair price is a key service we offer.

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About the Team.

Kay has worked on multi-million $m build and construction projects all around the world. [All European languages accommodated ]

Sarah has been a trusted Real Estate advisor on the Garden Route for 15 years. Se has helped hundreds of Clients buy and maintain their properties on the Western Cape. [All Asian languages accommodated]

Ernest has worked on over 300 sub contracting construction projects on the Garden Route for 11 years. He manages a team of 15 people. [All African Languages accomodated]

Mike has worked on over 50 new build construction projects along the Western Cape for 11 years following in his Dad’s construction company footsteps.

He specialised in sustainable, creative design and planning applications for Clients [All African Languages accomodated]

Stuart has successfully run a business on the Garden Route for over 4 years. He specialises in Break/Fix, Planned Maintenance and Routine maintenance for all aspects of residential estates. [Languages – global]

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